Swingers Parties

***We are no longer using the Club Dare name for swingers parties, but membership is still the same. If you filled out a membership application on the Club Dare website, you do not need to apply again here.***

The Hardbodies Entertainment of Arkansas swingers parties provide fun and provocative nights of partying, dancing, and swinging for fun-loving, responsible, and discreet adults. Our swingers parties are hosted mainly in the Central Arkansas area, and they our strictly off-premises events.

Our swingers parties are much more than a place for couples to meet other couples (although they are great for that). Come dance and party the night away with us, getting as mild or as wild as you’d like, and (of course) enjoy performances by the hot and sexy men and women of Hardbodies Entertainment of Arkansas in a completely encouraging and supportive environment.

We know firsthand just how critical and judgmental the public at large (especially in the south) can be towards fun-loving and consenting adults who aren’t hurting anyone. The entire motivation behind our swingers parties is to provide all of us who truly know how to party a place to be ourselves without having to worry about any sort of unfounded stigmas following us around in every other area of our lives.

Our swingers parties allow our members to meet others with whom to explore their mutual desires, and our members understand the need to respect the boundaries and the confidentiality of others. Most parties have a specific theme, as well as dancing, drinking, and an incredibly fun time had by all. Guests are admitted via invitation only, so please be sure to fill out and submit the membership application below.

Rules & Regulations

    In order to ensure the safety and discretion of all members and event organizers, we expect everyone attending Hardbodies Entertainment of Arkansas swingers parties to abide by the following rules:

    1. The possession, use, sale, or distribution of illicit drugs (including marijuana) is prohibited, as is the possession or use of prescription drugs without a valid prescription, and the sale or distribution of prescription drugs.

    2. Our parties are BYOB, and alcoholic beverages will not be provided to members.

    3. The possession of weapons, including (but not limited to): firearms, cutlery, blunt objects, explosives, etc… is prohibited.

    4. Physical confrontation of any sort is prohibited.

    5. Cameras (still and video) and audio recording devices are prohibited.

    6. Members are not to speak to the media (even as “anonymous sources”) regarding Hardbodies Entertainment of Arkansas, its events, or its members. The discretion of Hardbodies Entertainment of Arkansas management, entertainers, and event organizers is as important to each of them as yours is to you.

    7. Members are expected to treat each other with respect at parties, on this website and on Hardbodies Entertainment of Arkansas social media accounts. Harassment of any sort towards other members will not be tolerated.

    8. Solicitation and acts of prostitution are prohibited.

    9. Members are to respect the physical locations and amenities parties and not vandalize or damage them in any way.

    10. These rules and regulations are subject to change with or without notice at the discretion of Hardbodies Entertainment of Arkansas.

Membership Applications

    All applicants must be at least 21 years of age. We do not accept membership applications from single males.

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